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Accommodation type by Car or van availability by Number of usual residents aged 17 or over 2011

Dataset population: Households

Accommodation type
The type of accommodation used or available for use by an individual household. Examples include the whole of a terraced house, or a flat in a purpose-built block of flats.

Car or van availability
The number of cars or vans that are owned, or available for use, by one or more members of a household. This includes company cars and vans that are available for private use. It does not include motorbikes or scooters, or any cars or vans belonging to visitors.
Households with 10 to 20 cars or vans were counted as having only 1. Responses indicating a number of cars or vans greater than 20 were treated as invalid and a value was imputed.
The count of cars or vans in an area relates only to households. Cars or vans used by residents of communal establishments were not counted.

Number of usual residents aged 17 or over
This derived variable provides a count of the number of people aged 17 or over in the household.
A household is defined as:

  • One person living alone
  • A group of people (not necessarily related) living at the same address who share cooking facilities and share a living room, sitting room or dining area.

This includes:

  • Sheltered accommodation units in an establishment where 50 per cent or more have their own kitchens (irrespective of whether there are other communal facilities)
  • All people living in caravans on any type of site that is their usual residence (this will include anyone who has no other usual residence elsewhere in the UK)

A household must contain at least one person whose place of usual residence is at the address. A group of short-term residents living together is not classified as a household, and neither is a group of people at an address where only visitors are staying.

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