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Flow data (sometimes called 'interaction' or 'mobility' data) involve flows of individuals in the UK between origins and destinations. These flows are either the residential migrations of individuals from one place of usual residence to another or of commuters making journeys from home to workplace. For more information follow this link.


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WU03UK - 2011 SMS Merged LA/LA [Location of usual residence and Place of work by Method of travel to work]

Dataset population: All usual residents aged 16 and over in employment the week before the census

Location of usual residence
The location where an individual usually resides.

Place of work
The location in which an individual works.

Method of travel to work
The method of travel used for the longest part, by distance, of the usual journey to work. This topic is only applicable to people who were in employment in the week before the census.
This table prioritises workplace address information over method of travel to identify home-workers, to allow a direct comparison with data from the 2001 Census.

Geographies of origin areas:

Geographies of destination areas:

The following codes are used for areas of workplace that are not an LAD geographic code:
OD0000001 = Mainly work at or from home
OD0000002 = Offshore installation
OD0000003 = No fixed place
OD0000004 = Outside UK

In Northern Ireland, people who did not provide a workplace address because they were away from work ill, on maternity leave, on holiday, or temporarily laid off have been allocated to 'no fixed place' of work with method of travel to work 'other'.

In Northern Ireland, the classification 'passenger in a car or van' includes both 'people who stated they travel to work as a passenger in a car or van' and 'people who stated that they travel to work in a car or van pool sharing driving'.

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